video performance


What is a wrong action? And how does one define it? Often, it’s only nuances that separate right from wrong actions, whereas in other cases there is no doubt whatsoever. Is reality as we know it the only possibility? Forkert (wrong) is based upon a manifesto about deliberately doing wrong and a visual exploration of wrong actions. A woman hisses her way through the right wrong moments of life. Dancing and drowning in noisy landscapes and collapsing in dark squares. Through video, text, and live performance the never healing wounds and divine states of life appear.

Concept Søren Meisner & Sofie Lebech Video & sound Søren Meisner Text & performance Sofie Lebech Costumes Lise Marker Performers Maj Riis Poulsen, René Kruse & Sofie Lebech

Forkert was shown at Junge Hunde Festival Archauz & Kaleidoskop 2008
Supported by Kunstrådets Scenekunstudvalg